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Natural & Corrective Skincare

At Sol & Skin Artistry's Skin Bar we offer express skin care services performed A La Carte! We use cleaner, professional skincare products derived from nature that are both effective and safe for all skin tones, even the most sensitive skin.  Do you have a breakout that needs to be spot treated? Is your skin dehydrated? Or looking for a weekly professional peel?

Consult our Licensed Skin Therapist for your own unique Skin Analysis. Together, you and your Skin Therapist will customize a treatment plan with your time and skin's specific needs in mind.


It all starts with a SKIN ANALYSIS...

We offer a FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss your concerns and goals for your skin. During your skin analysis a Licensed Esthetician, or Skin Therapist, will look closely at your skin, examine zone by zone and determine the root cause of your skin concerns. Together, we will customize a treatment with your time and skin's specific needs in mind, including a prescription for your perfect home care regimen. Ensuring long lasting results and a radiant glow. 

All Skin Bar Treatments include a double cleanse, serum, skin specific finishing products and sunscreen |  30 minutes


Deep pore purification to remove stubborn impurities like dirt, makeup, oils, and pollution from deep within the pores. Freeing the skin of build up, congestion, and acne bacteria that can often lead to breakouts. $25 and up



Did you know? We get NEW skin every 28 days! Let us help instantly resurface your skin to reveal your natural radiance and glowing beauty!! We use a delicious Raspberry Fruit Scrub to remove layers of dead skin cells that cause the appearance of dull, lackluster skin. Great for teens and nursing moms. $35



Exfoliate below the surface and go deep within your skin with one of our deep exfoliating peels. All- Natural Fruit Enzymes exfoliate the pore wall freeing the skin of built up impurities like dirt, oil, and makeup that cause congestion, breakouts, and trauma to the skin. Professional enzymes also introduce moisture and antioxidants that keep the cells of your skin young and healthy. Perfect for treating acne and hyper-pigmentation in All Skin Tones. Safe enough for pregnant women and nursing moms. We recommend a series of 6 peels to obtain desired results. $50 |  Series of 6- $200



Exfoliate below the surface and go deep within your skin with one of our deep exfoliating peels. Our variety of professional peels consist of Lactic, Glycolic, Salicylic, & TCA derived from nature to resurface skin leaving your complexion supple, firmer, and brighter. Skin Therapists tailor a peel to address your skin's specific concerns, whether it is smoothing wrinkles, removing congestion, or brightening pigmentation. Suitable for treating acne and hyper-pigmentation in All Skin Tones. We recommend a series of 6 peels to obtain desired results. $60 and up | Series of 6- $280



A custom tailored professional mask fit specifically for your skin type & each zone's unique needs. Quench dehydrated skin using an intensely hydrating mask while Seaweed and Aloe soothe and nourish sensitized areas of your face. Detox and purify over-exposed skin with our pore-refining charcoal and Kaolin clay to draw out toxins, excess oil, dirt, and metals that lead to congestion. Your weekly professional mask treatment Includes a relaxing pressure point massage to help you totally unwind. $35 and up



Experience Luxury and Anti-Aging Results in 25 minutes! Drain tension and built-up fluid in the muscles of your face. Specific facial massage techniques stimulate oxygen and blood flow to the surface of your skin, increasing collagen production for a firmer, more youthful appearance and a healthy glow. $35

L.E.D Sol Therapy - (30 mins)

The perfect treatment for a lunch time R&R includes a double cleanse, then rest and take a mid day snooze under your skin specific L.E.D light. Relieve stress with a relaxing, anti aging hand treatment. Finish up with Antioxidant rich serums, healing moisturizer, and sun protection. $55

Add-ON $45- Add-On L.E.D to Skin Artistry Facial, Peel Bar, and Extractions. 25 mins.

What Is L.E.D. Light Therapy?

L.E.D Stands for Light Emitting Diode, L.E.D Therapy was developed by NASA to aide in repairing muscle tissue and wound healing at a quick rate in order to shorten recovery time in Space and when Astronauts return home. Low level light penetrates your skin cells, energizing the powerhouse of your skin cells (the Mitochondria for my bio nerds out there!) to produce more healthy, oxygenated, and hydrated skin cells. In turn creating more healthy, oxygenated, and vibrant Skin!

Why do I need L.E.D. in my life?

L.E.D. has been recognized in the medical field for over 30 years for its regenerative properties and is gaining widespread recognition in the beauty industry for it’s amazing healing and ANTI-Aging benefits with quick results and is both non-invasive and totally pain-free. With various spectrums, or colors, of light we use L.E.D to increase cellular renewal, remove cellular waste, and improve overall skin health:

  • Build New collagen and strengthen elastin

  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

  • Eliminate bacteria and begin to HEAL ACNE!

  • Reduce Excess Oil Production and Refine Pores

  • Reduce Pigmentation and Age Spots and Red Spots

  • Heals inflammation, calming redness, broken capillaries, and symptoms of rosacea.

  • Amazing healing properties post-surgery and muscle recovery anywhere on the body!

Who Is L.E.D. For?

EVERYONE!! Seriously, there is a light for everyone. Mature skin and accelerated aging, mild to severe acne, hyper pigmentation, sensitive skin and rosacea. If you don’t have problematic skin, don’t rule out L.E.D. use weekly or twice a month for skin health maintenance and as a preventative aging treatment by keeping your skin healthy and toxin free! Light therapy is even great for Anyone experiencing pain of the muscles or joints. It’s The Perfect add-on to cap off any facial or Peel treatment, experience shortened downtime and recovery, enjoy young and vibrant skin sooner!

The Skin Artistry Facial (60 Mins)

Dim the lights and cue the music, rest and rejuvenation is in session. The Skin Artistry Facial is a custom facial experience tailored to your skin’s own unique needs. Includes ‘the works,’ a skin specific enzyme peel for the removal of dead skin cells and skin brightening, purifying extractions, a decadent and anti-aging facial massage incorporating Eastern and European massage techniques, a hydration boosting, zone specific mask, and micro current application of antioxidant rich serums for deeper product penetration and serious results. Safe for all skin types, including darker skin tones and pregnant or nursing moms. Indulge in Self-care. Love, Self. $130

Acne Treatment (60 Mins)

Professional, corrective skincare for Acne, Breakouts, & Congestion without the toxic or harsh chemicals that often leave your skin feeling dry and inflamed. Restore balance and harmony to your skin with a custom 60 minute Skin Bar treatment customized for moderate to severe acne and breakout prone skin. Includes a Double Cleanse, Detoxifying Extractions, a skin specific Peel, and a targeted Hi-Frequency Treatment to Oxygenate Skin Cells, Eliminate Bacteria, and Reduce Inflammation. We Make sure your skin is calm and soothed before leaving and top off the treatment with Reparative, Antioxidant Rich serum, and moisturizer, and sunscreen. A Free Skin Analysis and Product Education will be included. $95